We invite you to reimagine the menstruation experience. We
are seeking to inspire a world in which the process of bleeding
each month is experienced as embodied ritual. Where the
menstruating body is held in a container of acceptance,
nourishment, and respect.

We recognize those who have dreaded their blood cycle.
Whose physical experiences have been unsupported for too
long, and bodies misunderstood or stigmatized. Whether your
inner cycles have been clouded by shame, confusion, fear, and
trauma or you are simply looking to deepen your connection,
we see you.

Cyclical awareness will allow you to feel supported through
each phase of your existence. The journey begins from the
inside out - acknowledging inner cycles paves the way to
external transformation.
Awareness is power.

Let’s uncover our innate wisdom so we can refine and redefine the narrative around menstruation. Thank you for being here.