Our uncompromising commitment to sustainability of people and planet is inspired by our effort to embody sustainability of self, in which ritualistic living and cyclical wellbeing enable us to support our vessels. 


Just as we work to honor the natural cycles of our bodies, we work to honor the cycles of the planet, in which all matter that is created is designed to be reused, regenerated, or transformed. We embody a circular system, rather than a linear system, in the production of our botanical blends. For each product element, the entire lifecycle is considered, from extraction to end of use. To this end, Monthly Rituals only sources materials that can be reused, repurposed, or broken down and given back to Earth. 

All of our packaging materials are paper-based, high-recycled content, Forest Stewardship Council certified, and compostable. We never line our boxes with plastic and we always use plant-based inks. The boxes used to carry the botanical blends to you are made in-house locally in California and are created using 100% post consumer recycled cardboard. 

The vessels used for Monthly Rituals blends were selected for their form, function, and sustainability. Our bottles are made exclusively from glass, which can be reused and recycled infinitely. 


We exclusively source organic and wild-crafted botanicals for our herbal blends. One-fourth of our herbs, oils, and florals are wild-crafted, meaning they are foraged directly from their native source. The rest are GOTS certified organic. We recognize the value of ensuring that the practices used in cultivating our botanicals are rooted in regenerative farming practices. 

One of our primary botanical partners, Mountain Rose Herbs, is a leader in sustainability. Mountain Rose Herbs is Fair Trade certified, Zero Waste certified, and runs their operations in a LEED certified facility powered by 100% renewable energy. Our botanicals are sourced from all over the planet –– a third from North America, a fifth from Asia, a fifth from Europe, and the remaining from Africa and South America. While deriving the plants from their native region ensures maximum efficacy and potency, we recognize that doing so adds to the burden of global carbon emissions. To the end of mitigating our impact, we are working on integrating a carbon offset program that centers projects in locations where our beloved botanicals are derived. 


Monthly Rituals provides accessible and inclusive informational resources for all people who menstruate. We recognize the inequities that exist regarding access to menstrual care and education. Beyond doing our part to address accessibility to menstrual care, Monthly Rituals challenges current structures that govern the kind of menstrual care available to people, and just as importantly, the way in which we discuss menstruation. Rather than pathologizing menstruation, we offer a way of thinking that recognizes the positive offerings that our inner hormonal shifts can provide. 


We strive to provide open, honest, and accessible information regarding our practices, product information, and sourcing. As a small company, we are constantly at work to expand and improve our sustainability initiatives. If you have any questions regarding our products or practices, send inquiries to our Director of Sustainability,