MONTHLY RITUALS is an invitation to connect with your cyclical body. We explore the use of botanicals and connective rituals to unearth the wisdom that lies within our cycles. Through the knowledge and self practices offered here, we hope the connection to your inner rhythms is transformed.

As cyclical beings, our internal terrain is in a constant state of flux – a continuous, natural rhythm existing within ourselves. Just as the earth’s seasons and moon’s phases exist in a cycle that never ceases, our inner rhythms share this same cyclical nature. As our body’s physical, mental, and emotional terrain change each day, our needs for care and nourishment change too.

As mother earth is able to create and nourish life, menstruators share the same power. The herbal gifts birthed from the soil serve as a bridge between ourselves and the planet.

Botanicals offer us the gift of recognizing dissonance in our bodies and reinstating harmony. Through physiological and energetic means, plants heal. With this understanding, Monthly Rituals botanical line was founded. The botanicals chosen for these blends serve as allies to bring balance and relief to the menstrual cycle.

A harmonized menstrual cycle invites experiences of heightened intuition, creativity, lucidity, restoration, and cleansing. These experiences, however, can be clouded by imbalances which manifest through physical, mental, and emotional discomfort. Our herbal allies assist in dissolving this mist, allowing the clarity within us to emerge.

Through the journey of cyclical awareness, we become more compassionate with ourselves. We gain a sense of understanding that we have permission to be different every day. Would you ever question the variability of the moon each time it appears anew in the night sky?

By becoming aware of our inner rhythms, we are able to make choices that are in alignment with our body’s needs – to rest unapologetically and create when we are most capable, working with the natural waxing and waning of our most embodied expression. When harnessed, our cycle is a force to be reckoned