Monthly Rituals


Move  ∾  Protect  ∾  Soothe

The breasts are an expression of yin energy. Let this ritual bring you inward to connect, celebrate, and explore your breasts. The breast tissue is sensitive to the accumulation and storage of toxins. Environmental components, personal care products, internal waste byproducts, poor posture, and constriction of the breasts by bras all contribute to congestion.

With intentional touch and healing botanicals, breasts can be liberated of stagnation, congestion, inflammation, and tenderness. The botanicals in this blend prevent congestion of the lymph, eliminate toxins, and nourish the tissue.

Find peace and comfort in this heart centered ritual.

Gently massage breast space daily or nightly. 

From seed to sow, our botanicals are treated with care, respect, and gratitude and are always certified organic or ethically wildcrafted. 

Ingredients in this blend 
Ylang Ylang
Poke Root
Vitamin E Oil
Olive Oil