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Root  ∾  Reflect  ∾  Release

The premenstrual and early menstrual phases in our cycle are a time of clarity and stormy waters. There are many layers to unfold in this winter phase, ones which invite the potential for heightened intuition, creativity, and stillness. We invite you to transmute the clouds of discomfort that may manifest as anxiety, hypersensitivity, heaviness, sadness, brain fog, lack of inspiration, and beyond.

The botanicals in this elixir relieve the expressions of liver congestion, imbalanced hormones, sympathetic nervous system excess, neurotransmitter deficiencies, fluid stagnation, and overstimulation of the adrenals. Clearer skies are attainable.

Take a sip for a more gentle mind space and menstrual experience.

Repeat using this medicine two to three times daily or as often as you feel the discomfort arise again. Fill two capfuls and shoot it straight or add it to water or tea for easy sipping. The botanicals in this elixir work in synergy with the Body Elixir – for optimal hormonal balance and comfort, enjoy as a duo. 

From seed to sow, our botanicals are treated with care, respect, and gratitude and are always certified organic or ethically wildcrafted. 

Ingredients in this blend 


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Based on 1 review Write a review