Monthly Rituals



Warm  ∾  Comfort  ∾  Relieve

The sacral space is the centre of emotions, feelings, creativity, pleasure, sensuality, and passion. A strengthened intuition and embodiment can blossom through connecting with this space.

This soothing salve liberates stagnant fluid and energy, alleviates inflammation, and melts away uterine contractions - bringing comfort to the physical body. Through this ritual, pain is relieved and a deepened connection to your sacral space is cultivated. Ease into the tenderness.

Gently massage sacral space, back, neck, or anywhere else tension is being held daily or nightly. 

From seed to sow, our botanicals are treated with care, respect, and gratitude and are always certified organic or ethically wildcrafted. 

Ingredients in this blend 
Hemp Oil 
Devils Claw
Olive Oil
Grape Alcohol